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Marketing Communications

No matter how clever or compelling a messaging campaign may be, it might contain error or bias in technical or cultural assumptions behind it, the facts stated, or the interpretations of potential customers.  Communications testing can greatly reduce financial risk and corporate embarrassment as well as overall loss of image.  More importantly, it can establish the basis for a strong win if message, execution and audience response are all in sync.

Some key benefits of communications testing are:

  • Reduce number of creative concepts for final development, substantially lowering final production cost
  • Save media expenditures that might otherwise be wasted on a bad campaign response
  • Avoid damage to brand image that a bad campaign response can incur
  • Ability to test field concepts in a semi-realistic setting, such as response to mail packages via blind testing
  • Ability to reduce risk in commitment of media spending
  • Ability to more accurately predict marketing success