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Corporate Messaging

When a company is considering a major re-branding, renaming or other strategic change it is crucial to assess the degree to which the new brand or strategy will be accepted and embraced by key constituents, such as customers, channels, financial analysts, investors, employees, board members or others.  Similar to communications testing, setting the correct tone with major corporate announcements also requires proper testing and evaluation to assure success of the new strategy.

Corporate messaging evaluation can:

  • Avoid costly infrastructure and facility changes that could miss the mark and damage brand equity
  • Motivate employees by giving them a voice in the feedback and decision process
  • Improve management-employee alignment and stimulate thought leadership
  • Engender positive channel and partner relationships by soliciting their feedback
  • Provide executives with confidence in corporate strategy decisions
  • Assure financial analysts and industry leaders are also aligned with planned changes
  • Provide a bridge to global cultural requirements associated with corporate transition