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Concept Validation

Companies needing to make decision about the market readiness of a product or service require customer feedback to validate the idea before it is introduced.  Costly marketing investments are only worthwhile if there is a strong demand for a product or service, and the company has the expertise, operational capability and brand strength to successfully deliver and support them.  We help them to decide if the product is ready or needs additional development to be successful.

Some key benefits of concept testing are:

  • Reducing the number of concepts for final development, saving valuable resources for products with a strong chance of success
  • Ability to test mock-ups or models of products before investing in tools or factories to mass produce them
  • Determine most important purchase drivers to aid marketing strategy
  • Assess competitive products so final product can optimize advantages
  • Assess fit and alignment of product with brand
  • Identify key segments of highest demand for targeting