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Customer Value Systems, Inc. specializes in advanced strategic research and consulting on a variety of products, services and applications. Our goal is to help clients better understand their target customers and optimize products to match customer needs.


We conduct product, segmentation and demographic population surveys, as well as more qualitative concept or positioning studies using focus groups or personal interviews. CVS also offers services that help clients test corporate and brand messaging strategies among key constituents such as customers, employees, media, industry experts or investors.  We create metrics that assist clients in measuring the return on investment from marketing programs, assessing organizational leadership criteria and in prioritizing marketing investments.


CVS primarily conducts research using focus groups, face-to-face interviews, phone interviews and online or web-based studies utilizing real-time interactive or mobile technologies.

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Satisfied Clients


Customer Value Systems provided seamless project execution for Shell’s Global Business, extending to competent staff and quality work across major cultures and languages throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  The…

Teresa Curran

- Marketing Director, Shell Services
Brant Wilson and his team at CVS had the ability to work closely with product engineering managers with little or no marketing expertise, and still deliver stellar customer feedback that drove…

Paul Beaumont

- Managing Director Splicegroup, Ltd
CVS helped us create the product development process to streamline development – the customer feedback they provided allowed us to set introduction timing for specific new features vs. a full…

Matt Frye

- General Manager, Natural Gas Exchange
I have found Brant to be extremely competent in his critical thinking processes, project execution and analysis. His extensive knowledge of the global petrochemical and related industries has facilitated the…

Gardiner Henderson

- President at Sixteen Hands, LLC
CVS conducted quality market research and conducted a comprehensive Focus Group with our global customers that helped us position our new product to take advantage of our existing strengths and…

Jon Olson

- CEO, TruMarx Data Partners, Inc.
Even as a startup venture, we always felt like Brant gave us the same level of attention and quality customer service that his Fortune clients receive; this exceeded my expectations.

Ken Price

- former VP of Marketing, Epiphany Technologies
The focus groups to test our concepts went really well.  About the best recruiting job I’ve ever seen.  All were great targets and about all were very engaged by Brant…

Nick Bell

- Vice President, Integrated Brand Marketing, Oracle
CVS  brought superb insight and understanding of the business issues facing account teams serving food-service industry customers, and the impact of new technologies on products, marketing, sales and promotional success.

Eric Mowris

- Vice President of Business Services, Selling Solutions, Inc.
I have never worked with another market research firm better able to uncover and assess the nuances of customer beliefs, attitudes and needs, particularly in the complex business to business and…

Ellen de Graffenreid

- Director of Communications, Robert J. Margolis, MD, Center for Health Policy at Duke University
We trust CVS to effectively guide our clients through the market research process. The research combined with CVS’s strategic recommendations, allow us to develop brand strategy and communications approaches that…

Bethany Andell

- President, Savage Brands
CVS research helped us identify factors that drive loyalty and profitability. Utilizing these insights we can better guide the client to a marketing program that optimizes return on investment and…

Janet Rubio

- CMO, True Influence